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Applications for the 2016 Stanford Medical Youth Science Program are no longer available.(Deadline for applications was February 15, 2016.)

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The Stanford Medical Youth Science Program's (SMYSP) Summer Residential Program is an annual five-week science- and medicine-based enrichment program that takes place annually from mid-June to late July, and is held on the Stanford University campus.


The Summer Residential Program is open to low-income and/or underrepresented minority high school sophomores and juniors who live in northern and central California. You qualify for the Summer Residential Program and are invited to apply if you:

Only applications received from the following California counties will be considered. No exceptions are permitted:

Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Madera, Marin, Merced, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Benito, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, and Yolo.

Students who do not meet these basic eligibility requirements are not eligible to apply for this program. Exceptions cannot be made; please do not ask. Additionally, the program recognizes that personal circumstances may prevent some students from demonstrating their full academic potential. Therefore, SMYSP does not look for A-average students only. SMYSP will consider academically motivated students with a 2.75 or greater GPA. If you fall into such a category, we encourage you to apply. Please note that you must have taken adequate science and math courses to understand the lectures and labs. There is no cost to participants.

For more information regarding our eligibility requirements, please read through our FAQ page.

What the Summer Residential Program Provides its Participants

The Summer Residential Program bolsters student’s science skills while introducing them to a host of health-related careers. In order to be eligible, students must be able to attend the entire duration of the program seven days per week. Students live in a residence house on the Stanford campus for the entirety of the program, and family members are invited to visit each Sunday for a scheduled period of time.

The Summer Residential Program offers its participants:

   Group Concensus

In addition, Summer Residential Program participants receive one-on-one and group college admission counseling as well as essay and resume writing guidance. A full-time staff of ten Stanford undergraduate students directs the program and lives with participants during the five-weeks.

Special attention is given to developing leadership and interpersonal skills, with offerings such as workshops and discussions on networking, public speaking, and multicultural issues. The atmosphere is supportive, and without an emphasis placed on testing or competition. Rather, SMYSP follows a team approach to learning and encourages peer teaching.

The Summer Residential Program is an intense academic enrichment program, and as such, innovative and enjoyable group activities will keep participants busy from morning until night. There is not a lot of downtime, so applicants must be prepared to work hard!

How to Apply

As an eligible sophomore or junior high school student, you can easily apply to our program. A complete application includes the following:

  1. A Preliminary Application where the applicant provides basic background and contact information.
  2. An ApplyWeb Online Application form, which includes accompanying essays and transcript upload. Applications become available mid- to late-December each year.
  3. Two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from a science or math teacher and another from a teacher, counselor, principal, or mentor.

Email is our primary mode of communication, and applicants will receive a confirmation email from SMYSP after his or her application has been received and processed. Applicants: if you do not have an email address, we strongly encourage you or your parents or guardians to register for one. (Free emails are available through Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and other free email hosting services.) If SMYSP has any questions about your application, or there is something missing, an email will be sent asking that the applicant contact us immediately. It will be the applicants' responsibility to check his or her email regularly and respond to us.

Given the size of the applicant pool, please do not contact us regarding your status. It is recommend that you apply early.

Up to 45 applicants will be invited to participate in in-person interviews on Stanford’s campus. These on-campus interviews typically take place in late April or early May. Note: due to Stanford's academic calendar, these interviews are often held on an SAT test date. We recognize the possible inconvenience, but students must attend these on-campus interviews to be eligible for selection. It is therefore recommended that applicants do not schedule any standardized testing around this time.

Email Announce List

   Simulation Lab

When Summer Residential Program applications become available, an announcement will be sent to current subscribers of our email announcement list. We encourage interested students, parents, teachers, counselors, and other community members from the 20 northern and central California counties from which we recruit (listed above), to subscribe to this list. In addition to Summer Residential Program specific information, other relevant Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programming information may also be announced.

To subscribe to this announcement list, click here: Summer Residential Program Announcement List. This is a self-subscribe opt-in/opt-out announcement list. You may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time using the above link. (Please note that list members are not permitted to post to this list.)

If you are not eligible to apply to the Summer Residential Program, there are other options to have an engaging summer. Please visit Summer Institutes and the Office of Science Outreach for other excellent academic enrichment programs that Stanford offers. Additionally, SMYSP maintains a list of Academic Programs for Students, which are based around the country and were brought to our attention. We cannot recommend or endorse any in particular, as we're not familiar with each. Individuals would need to investigate eligibility and tuition requirements for each.

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